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Emily O'neill-Larsen


My paintings are abstract, my colours are bold. I love to see where the paint finds itself on my canvas. It is an absolute pleasure and honor every time someone takes one of my creations home. 



Emily, originally from Toronto, Ontario, has been painting for as long as she could remember. She has always veered towards the arts in the careers she has pursued. She loves to try new techniques and styles, almost always in abstract form. 


Emily enjoys bright, bold colours and lots of it. She is an abstract artist who experiments with new mediums on a regular basis and loves to use large amounts of colour and texture to achieve a truly unique piece. Emily enjoys creating paintings that catch the eye, and hopes to inspire others with her work. Her work has been displayed at open houses as complimentary pieces to the art of staging.  Although she paints spontaneously, she loves to and has done numerous stunning commissions.  


Emily’s work comes from pure passion and emotion. She paints when she’s inspired and just lets the paint find its place on her canvas.

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