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Workshop Listings

January 11- February 8

Uptown Gallery artist Jonathan Sau will be holding a series of 
photography workshop at the Three Sisters Cultural Centre in St. Jacobs. The first in the series is "Creating Photos with Impact", running from 
January 11 to February 8.

What makes a photo pop? What differentiates photographic art from 
everyday snapshots? While digital photography and smartphones put a 
camera in everybody’s hand, just having the latest technology does not 
make one a good photographer. Creating photographic images that leave a 
lasting impression on the viewers requires artistic vision, technical 
execution, and attention to details. Fortunately, with a few pointers, 
practice and feedback, everyone can learn and become a better 
photographer. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the elements that give 
impact to a photo, with many image samples, before-and-after comparison, 
and feedback on participants' own photos.

Further details about the workshop and registration information can be 
found at

Creating Photos with Impact promo.jpg

Cathy Pascoe


Cathy teaches students of all ages, from young children to adults, from beginner to accomplished artist. (Ages from JK or SK up, depending on interest). The class groups  are organized by an interested person, who gathers a group of friends, their children’s friends or family at someone’s home. Cathy has successfully taught children and adults in the same group. She is a retired elementary school teacher. She is now starting “in person“ classes again, with appropriate precautions, post Covid. 

Contact Cathy for details

Laurie Spieker

Glass Art

Laurie teaches a range of stained glass and fused glass workshops at her studio, Grand River Glassworks. For more information, please visit her Workshops page.

Sanela Dizdar
Art Classes

Join our amazing and fun workshops.

Learn how to draw and paint. All levels are welcome (from absolute beginners to a pro and all in between). We approach individually to all. We start with few easy excercises and then continue with guidance in your own pace. You can choose your subjects later on as well.  Learn depth, proportions, gradients, colour, movement, to draw portraits, animals landscape, cityscape, still life, animation, character design, digital art...

We use graphite, colour pencils, watercolour, acrylic and digital.

Location: 900 Guelph St. In Kitchener. Unit401

Price: $250 for 10 consecutive classes. That is 2.5 months of art.


Lets have fun. Contact Sanela at: 

or text 226 606 8001



Kids: ( 6 - 12 years) 

   Tue 4:30-6 pm

   Thur 5:30-7pm

    Sun 12:15-1:45


    Tue 4:30-6 pm

    Tue 6-8pm

    Wed 4:30-6pm


    Wed 11am-1

    Sun 10am -noon

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