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New Show Opening January 17th




Patterns is a new exhibition at UpTown Gallery featuring recent works by Assem Hamdy, Laurie Spieker, and Eekta Trienekens.


The show runs from January 17th to March 12th, 2023.




Assem Hamdy is an Architect, whose drawings in pencil and pastel integrate architecture with the green world. Patches of green help him to grasp patterns underlying the seeming chaos that accumulates in our architecture, and bring life into constructed spaces.


For Laurie Spieker, the natural world provides solid ground and guidance, as she seeks to understand the patterns in her life. From ritual morning coffee to standing before a water lily pond – surface gently rippling in a light and unseen breeze – pattern seeing and making is a quilt that she pulls around herself as she travels through time.


Clay keeps Eekta Trienekens connected to the patterns of the earth. She considers it a magical medium, containing many parts of us and our history.


Made Right Here

Please visit this link - Made Right Here - to view a video featuring Laurie Spieker and Grand River Glassworks. Created by CTV News Kitchener, Made Right Here explores local businesses and talents. Laurie is honoured to be in such fine company that embodies Waterloo Region's spirit of excellence, innovation, and creativity!

“14th Annual Student Art Show “ with Sanela Dizdar

We are very proud to invite you to join us and celebrate 14th Annual Art Show of Sanela's students of all age groups ( 6-83 years old).

2 opening receptions on February 11th: 

4:30-6pm for kids and teens

6:30-8pm  for adult students

Lets cellebrate these amazing and dedicated group of people who worked hard to create their masterpieces.

Show is open Feb. 11th - April 11th 2023

If you miss the reception you can always walk in UpTown Gallery Waterloo to see this show. 


Gallery member
Man Choi Chow
at the Kitchener Public Library

Shades of Women (8.5 × 11 in)  Made by  KPL.jpeg
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