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   Seasons is a new exhibition at the Uptown Gallery featuring recent works by Featured Artists  Gordy Ess, Shane Langlade, Sophie Drouin, and Shaun McFee. 

The show runs from January 18 until March 20, 2022. 

We are currently open for visitors with capacity limits and observing COVID protocols. About the Artists 

Gordy Ess

   Gordy Ess's work is characterized by textural elements such as handmade  Japanese papers, skeleton leaves, molding paste and glass beads suspended in acrylic  medium. T, he bold use of colour and interesting compositions add to her style. A "happy  palette" is also a hallmark. 

Sophie Drouin

   I work in mosaic and love creating gestures with stones and minerals  especially, and I also love combining different elements and sizes, whether it’s micro mosaic  mixed with regular-sized, or minerals mixed with man-made materials such as glass. The  contrast in colour and texture make composition come alive while I work on them, which is  such a magical process to me. 

Shaun McFee

   McFee takes the formal and orderly division of space through grids and  squares and adds some chaos by not adhering to the mathematical, instead going on his own judgment and feeling of visual communication. No square is perfect. Layers come together to  form a final image that confronts in the moment, while revealing a history and process

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Uptown Gallery named areas best art gallery

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