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At the Uptown Gallery Waterloo

Our exhibition changes six times a year and, while we will always showcase work by our whole community of 30+ artists, each collection will explore a different theme and feature a new set of our wonderful artists.

Sept 18th to Nov. 12th

Featuring Jonathan Sau, Ardea Thurston- Shaine, Michael ManChoi Chow, Emily O"Neil Larsen

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Featured Artists

ManChoi explores spaces where reality and dreams cross over, overlap, and blur. Ethereal floral mages from his home garden transform into metaphors for self-discovery that grapple with difficult existential questions, which may or may not have answers. Often called a dreamer, he believes we need more; everyone needs to dream!

Emily’s work is inspired by her own feelings and the visuals around her,

molded into acrylic and oil paints. Her work provokes curiosity and inspiration through

vibrant colours and textures. Lucid dreams are intense and wonderful experiences, vivid

and abstract like Emily’s paintings. For this exhibit, her work is all about the unification

of vivid colours with abstract placement in a dream-like trance.

Jonathan explores the ever-changing face of water under the influence of wind.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of wave photography, from gentle waves washing up the beach on warm summer days, to heart-pounding Great Lakes winter storms. I love creating abstract images from waves, focusing on shapes and curves. Like in a dream, sometimes I see waves turn into rolling landscapes by the foothills, or windswept sand dunes. As wind does its magic sculpting water, things change every millisecond and no two shots are the same.

Ardea’s art has always come out of her dreams.

In lucid dreams, waking and sleeping worlds fade into each other. Ardea’s images blur

the boundaries between inside and outside spaces to explore how self relates to other.

She tries to expand her own mental spaces through this breaking down of boundaries.

As in dreams she struggles to control her interactions with the dream world,

through art she questions the agency of her individual human self enfolded

in a nonhuman landscape.

Explore the Gallery

Please visit us in Uptown Waterloo to view the work and connect with our artists. For a peak into the space please explore the 360 gallery below. 

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