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At the Uptown Gallery Waterloo

Our exhibition changes six times a year and, while we will always showcase work by our whole community of 30+ artists, each collection will explore a different theme and feature a new set of our wonderful artists.


May 16 to July 17: Time & Space

Featuring Gordy Ess, Harry Kooy, Adaora Moneme and Ida Tong


Featured Artists

Gordy Ess

Gordy’s work is characterized by the use of texture and joyous colour. Textural elements include skeleton leaves, Japanese papers and molding pastes. Layers of colour reveal themselves as the light changes and as one moves closer to the artwork.


Time and space are critical elements to the creation of Gordy’s work; time in between the many layers of paper and paint, and space between textural components. Time spent in the company of a painting allows one to see that which needs to be addressed. Space allows one to sit back and ruminate.

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Harry Kooy

Harry started by letting his hands go to work on some wire and ended up with a zeppelin. He has let his hands lead him to new possibilities ever since. His latest kinetic sculpture fits in nicely with the theme of “Time and Space” since it is really a very primitive clock. Escapement III is an entirely hand-made escapement mechanism that runs on the weight of a stone. 

Harry’s first priority was to make a functioning escapement. When he was satisfied with its mechanical performance, he arranged the components in space to give a pleasing visual composition. He enjoys watching his creation quietly click away the time.

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Adaora Moneme

Adaora loves nature and is inspired by it. She gives her unique interpretations of the relationship between time and space as it affects her, in her hand-paintings on bags.


In this exhibit, she utilizes vivid colors and motifs to showcase the effect and inter connection time and space has on her and her work. Much like a dance, a union, a harmony, she gets lost in the movement and momentum as she works.

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Ida Tong

For Ida, art is a way of trying to make sense of the world we are living in. As a child, stargazing was her favourite pastime.


Now as a visual artist, she is still fascinated by the mind-boggling beauty and complexity of the universe. Imagining herself flying through space, attempting to explore our galaxy, Ida captures some of the abstract images onto canvases while asking herself many questions, among them: How big is our universe and is it conscious like us?

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Explore the Gallery

Please visit us in Uptown Waterloo to view the work and connect with our artists. For a peak into the space please explore the 360 gallery below. 

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