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Elvan Suzar


Born in Turkey, Elvan’s artistic journey began in her childhood, where she

discovered a profound love for drawing and painting. In her culture, a name

is more than just an identity — it embodies the essence of one’s personality.

True to her name, Elvan, which means ‘colourful’ in her native language,

it embodies the vibrancy and creativity in every aspect of her life.

As a local multi-genre artist, Elvan’s artistic repertoire includes many

various mediums and subject matters. With years of training, education

and experience in acrylic, oil, encaustic (a fused application of beeswax

and oil paint), mixed media, and the intricate Turkish traditional art of

‘Ebru’, she weaves a tapestry of diverse artistic expression.

Elvan studied art at Montgomery College, Bethesda MD, USA and currently

is working on her double major in Art History and Fine Art at University

of Waterloo. Throughout her artistic career, Elvan has actively participated

in numerous juried and group exhibitions, resulting in many honourable

mentions and awards. Some of the places where she has shown her artwork

are; Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, Homer Watson Gallery, Art

District Gallery, Kissing Bridge Tour, Mary Allen Tour, Minto Gallery

and many more national art centres.

She also taught many students, some of who became emerging artists

today. She has offered classes and workshops at Homer Watson Gallery,

Button Factory Arts and regional art education centres.

She has taught many workshops and classes in acrylics such as Ready to

Hang Paintings, Color Exploration, Painting a Week. She also has organized

sculpture workshops with mixed media textile products, various team

building art workshops for corporate events, and PaintBar nights as private

events. At present, she continues to offer workshops and private tutoring for

adults and teens at Uptown Gallery Waterloo.

She owns and operates Acadian Upholstery with her husband, where she

provides color consultations for their clients.

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