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Sophie Drouin is a second-generation mosaic artist, having begun learning from her father Bernard, an apprentice to Venetian painter Bruno Saetti. After her father’s death, she had the good fortune to continue learning from Luciana Notturni and Verdiano Marzi, both celebrated Italian mosaic artists and teachers. Her works have been exhibited in France, in Italy, in Canada, in Latvia and in many locales in the USA. In 2018, she was the first North American, and remains the only one to date to have a solo exhibition as the Invitational artist for the Society of American Mosaic Artists’ Mosaic Arts Invitational, an annual event. She has received multiple awards at national and international competitions and Biennale events in Canada, in the US and Europe, and teaches mosaic at home as well as abroad. She was artist in residence at Waterloo Region’s National Historic site and Museum Schneider Haus in 2019. She is the English Language editor and translator for Mosaïque magazine, the only magazine in print today on the subject of mosaic art. In 2019, a presentation she made at a conference in France, on the diversity and quality of mosaic art in Canada led to the biggest North American exhibition of mosaic art in Europe in history, with an exhibition featuring twelve Canadian artists in 2021. The majority of the pieces from this historical exhibition will also be exhibited next summer at Quebec City’s own museum, the Villa Bagatelle, from March to September.

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