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Jean has had a lifelong interest in photography.  Although her full- time career was as a Professor in the Health Sciences at Conestoga College, she also worked as a freelance photographer for the University of Waterloo where she photographed a variety of events.  Her pictures appeared in a variety of the University publications.  

In later years Jean was able to combine her love of photography with her love of travel.  She has travelled to Europe, Asia, Africa, India, New Zealand, South America, and both the Arctic and Antarctic.

Jean has given many pictorial presentations on the countries she has visited, with an aim of broadening audience awareness to the rest of the world.

Jean spent 6 summers in the Canadian Arctic, as guest photographer for Cruise North Expeditions.  She photographed the Inuit people and their communities as well as the arctic flora and fauna.  Her pictures have been published in many magazines, newspapers and travel brochures.

Since retirement Jean has been able to pursue her love of nature and to photograph animals and birds. Jean has visited many of North Americas wildlife reservations and parks where she photographed the local flora and fauna. 

Jean’s photographic passion is to capture the all-important moment.  When photographing animals and birds, Jean loves to catch the fleeting moment such as a mother robin presenting a worm to the gaping mouths of her chicks or the crashing antlers of 2 bucks engaged in a contest of strength. 

When photographing landscapes Jean seeks to capture the constantly changing light.  To be in tune with nature and to capture its changing moods is her never ending joy.

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