A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Quotation Inspiration

featuring Mary Guillaume, Julie Krahule, Valerie O'Flynn, and Laurie Spieker

Opening reception is Saturday, March 26th from 2 to 4 pm.

The exhibition will run from Tuesday, March 22rd to Sunday, May 15th, 2016.

UpTown Gallery presents Quotation Inspiration. In this new show, Mary Guillaume, Julie Krahule, Valerie O’Flynn and Laurie Spieker explore the space, meaning and content found between the quote marks that punctuate text, speech, reality, popular culture and the imagination. Was this passage important? Did that notation inspire? Is this adage relevant? Visit our show and rediscover the potent power of the Quote.


Mary Guillaume has been sketching and painting from a very young age, as her school notebooks with every page festooned with drawings in the margins (and saved by her mother) can attest! Mary is inspired by the intriguing shapes and light effects that surround, inspire and excite her every day. It's a life-journey of discovery as she happily explores different media and styles to visually express her response.

Julie Krahule dwells on inspiration, especially by the enchanting poetry of her Uncle, Maironis, a Renaissance poet and priest. Some of Maironis’ poetry details the beauty of nature, which Julie enjoys interpreting through her artwork, and which inspires her in her role as a horticultural therapist. In this millennium, prevailing, positive words continue to hearten us all, opposing the language of bullying that uses words to demean, or destroy lives.

Valerie O’Flynn has always been inspired by words. Spoken, written, social, political, or philosophical, words have always set her mind to visual responses. These responses are given form in either two or three dimensions as sculptures, prints, paintings, or mixed media. Inspired by a quotation, poem, article or lyrics, each of her works for this show are a direct response to one or more of these forms of wordcraft.

Laurie Spieker welcomes the world to her doorstep at Grand River Glassworks, where she creates fresh and imaginative contemporary glass art and eagerly shares the inspiring beauty of glass with her community. As an Honours English graduate, Laurie is overly familiar with essay-writing and the quotation mark, and is intrigued by its place in our chaotic, connected and fast-paced world as we all chase global and personal meaning.