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Ida Tong

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My journey of drawing funny pictures began when I was 8 years old. The curiosity of observing reality has never left me, in fact, it helps me to see life as it is. But, art helps me to go beyond all that.


My passion in this subject matter about human behaviour and evolution has taken me to a different direction in terms of art expression.    


I want to continue creating thought-provoking paintings that reflect our social and political environment. Most injustice and misunderstandings, I believe, stem from the root of ignorance. In my paintings, I consciously express the seriousness of these issues and deliberately magnify certain symbolic image(s) to encourage conversations amongst spectators including myself, so that different points of view can be heard. My current theme in artificial intelligence is a work in progress; I hope to produce a body of work that will arouse public attention and generate invigorating dialogues, internationally. Yet, I trust that art can also be beautiful, playful, and didactic, all at the same time.

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