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Harry Kooy
Kinetic Sculpture


I have been making and selling my creations for about ten years. I started by letting my hands

go to work on some wire and ended up with a zeppelin. I have let my hands lead me to new

possibilities ever since. Early in 2022 I retired from my career as an auto mechanic so that I

could concentrate on my creative efforts. Over time my work has diverged into wire art and

kinetic copper sculptures. I exhibit my kinetic sculptures here at the UpTown Gallery and my

wire art at The Art District Gallery.

My work comes from the urge to make things that I like. While my hands work, new possibilities

open up and often the final product is better than what I had first intended. I’m happiest when I

can explore the tension between what works in my head and what works in real life. I search for

those moments when what I’ve made meets the demands of complicated machinery and at the

same time is nice to look at. Copper is the perfect medium for this kind of work since it looks

great and is easy to work with. At my work bench you will find a vice, hammer, punch, a pair of

tin snips, pliers, a drill, some files, and a soldering torch. I let old technology, the natural world,

and fantasy guide my work. My heroes are Jos De Vink, Arthur Ganson, Theo Jansen and Tim


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