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Gordy Ess

Abstract, mixed media artist




















  I am fortunate to have lived a life surrounded by art and artists. My many years as a student of Art History (University of Toronto) and Studio Arts (Sheridan College), Arts Education (Queen’s University) was followed by a ten-year span teaching black and white photography and commercial art / design. Prior to that, I worked alongside artists as they engaged with school aged children in the inner city of Toronto.

  In recent years, I have had the great experience of working in a gallery and have been exposed to an array of talent. I have taken classes in a variety of mediums and learned from a diverse group of artists. I now have the opportunity to spend time solely on my own artwork.

  My work is characterized by the use of textural elements, such as skeleton leaves, molding paste and Japanese papers, along with the bold use of colour. Skeleton leaves offer a delicate and intriguing textural element. Bodhi, Magnolia and rubber tree skeleton leaves are created by separating the pulp of the leaf from the veins. Their delicate structures are incorporated into the composition of the painting.

  For the past 7 years I have been exploring the use of Japanese papers, both handmade and machine made, as a textural element. Coupled with the use of fluid acrylic paint the result is bold, dynamic, colourful and highly textured.

  My art cards and Lilliputians (5 by 7 pieces, ready for a frame) are also available here at the Uptown Gallery. They are expressive, colourful pieces. The cards will make your written sentiments that much more memorable.

My works are available in galleries and retails shops in the Waterloo, Niagara regions.

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