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Assem A. M. Hamdy

Dry color painting (pastels & pencils)


Assem Hamdy is an architect living in Waterloo. Being an architect gestures why architecture is often present in his works. He argues about that by saying what he reveals through art is nothing but his hope for better environments he seeks after, or an appreciation for some scene mostly of nature. So he describes architecture in his art by being extrinsic not intrinsic, may be some ceiling giving a sense of warmth and shelter, or as a foil contrasting with nature. Assem strives to capture an instant of light that impressively floods his imaginary spaces; his photography-like or impressionist-like approach wanders through these spaces, then invites others to meander in. He believes that mathematical perspective and color pencils are simple tools necessary & sufficient to elevate spatial imagination, a God-given ability indispensable for almost all professions. Thus he tries to show how he uses these two tools in his art class, with the hope that many of the audience will be satisfied by a new sense of light achieved merely by pencils. This is mainly what this artist/architect delivers, a moment of light in some natural space.

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    Teresa Walker

    Fine Art Photography

    Teresa was born in St. Catharines, Ontario and her fondest memories involved pencil crayons and art books her mother always had in their home.  Teresa was interested in the work of the Impressionists’ vision of art, from the dreamy works of Monet to the bold colours of Van Gogh.


    Teresa ventured into photography following retirement. Living in Vancouver sparked a passion for floral photography. The amazing array of plants in the lower mainland, exquisite gardens and endless nature trails became outdoor studios for her. During the final processing of her images, she also uses a variety of techniques and tools to enhance the innate beauty of the floral photograph. Teresa continues to look for new approaches and techniques to further enhance her fine art photography by attending workshops in Canada and the United States.


    Teresa’s work has been on display at Waterloo Region art galleries,, & framesbyvern, cafés, local garden centres, & craft shows and at the University of Waterloo. She is an active member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art [CAPA] and the Grand River Imaging & Photographic Society [GRIPS]. In 2019, she submitted 4 images to CAPA in a nation-wide competition and was awarded an honourable mention for these images. She recently had an article published in the Spring, 2020 edition of Canadian Camera Magazine, the official publication of CAPA.


    Teresa’s floral photography captures the innate beauty and complexity of the subject and asks you to look deeper into its world. Spend some time to discover the allure and intricacy of nature’s creations.  She hopes that her work will draw you in and leave you with a sense of calm and wonderment.

    You can see an extensive collection of her work at

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    Laurie Spieker


    Laurie Spieker welcomes the world to her doorstep at Grand River Glassworks. She creates fresh and imaginative contemporary glass art and warmly shares the inspiring beauty of art glass with her community through workshops offered at her Waterloo studio and retail store, a leading promoter of glass art in Waterloo Region and beyond. 

    Her art is featured at UpTown Gallery, the Gallery Shop at The Clay & Glass Gallery and at King Street Gallery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

    Laurie was Artist Mentor for Glass Fourteen, a large-scale Public Youth Art Project, was one of nine Ontario artists chosen to participate in the first FUSION Glass Mentorship program at Sheridan College, and was chosen as the 2015 Folk-Artist-in-Residence at the Schneider Haus. Laurie is a member of the Glass Art Association of Canada and Art$Pay.


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    Emily O'neill-Larsen

    Abstract painting

    My paintings are abstract, my colours are bold. I love to see where the paint finds itself on my canvas. It is an absolute pleasure and honor every time someone takes one of my creations home. 



    Emily, originally from Toronto, Ontario, has been painting for as long as she could remember. She has always veered towards the arts in the careers she has pursued. She loves to try new techniques and styles, almost always in abstract form. 


    Emily enjoys bright, bold colours and lots of it. She is an abstract artist who experiments with new mediums on a regular basis and loves to use large amounts of colour and texture to achieve a truly unique piece. Emily enjoys creating paintings that catch the eye, and hopes to inspire others with her work. Her work has been displayed at open houses as complimentary pieces to the art of staging.  Although she paints spontaneously, she loves to and has done numerous stunning commissions.  


    Emily’s work comes from pure passion and emotion. She paints when she’s inspired and just lets the paint find its place on her canvas.

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    Jane Bayne


    While walking through natural landscapes of Waterloo Region,  I am drawn to capture brilliant colours, unusal weather conditions or the simple beauty of my surroundings.  I delight in the exploration of texture, patterns and movement of the foliage and skies.


    Jane drew as a teenager and has always been involved in an artistic vein throughout her adult life.   Although, Jane began painting professionally in watercolour twenty-one years ago, she is now focusing on acrylics and oils to capture local scenes with intriguing light.   


    Jane is a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Society of Artists (KWSA).   She has been an Executive member of Uptown Gallery in the Shops, Waterloo for the past thirteen years.  She has been accepted and won awards in a number of juried shows in Kitchener-Waterloo, Etobicoke and Barrie.  Her work has been displayed in both Kitchener and Waterloo Libraries, Homer Watson Gallery, many commercial locations, and she also shows her work at Frames by Verne in Kitchener.  She has completed several well received commissions.  


     Jane is self-taught and has taken workshop instruction from Vicki Brophy, Donnah Cameron, David Crow, Art Cunanan,  Laura Cootes, Barry McCarthy, Ken MacFarlane, Sheila MacDonald Roberts, Cathy Groulx ,Laura Urquhart and Andrew Sookrah, and Sheila Davis just to name a few.  She has studied under the expert guidance of watercolourist Bert Williams for four years  


      Shane Langlade

      Artist Statement 

      My first body of work was really a development and exploration of the medium and canvas. It was a very frustrating and difficult time with some good high points mixed in. It was a year and a half ago that I began painting these on canvas and canvas boards. My first few paintings were landscapes and were nothing more than me copying famous pieces. My wife likes these. I call them studies. I then began doing military paintings in acrylic (the first real body of work) and the best 4 of those 10 pieces, I’ve included in my image list.  

        Greg Pautler.jpg

        Greg Pautler


        Greg Pautler’s trademark as a painter reflects his admiration  for the beauty of the local landscapes he paints. 

        His paintings are recognized for his distinctive style, his intricate attention to detail and versatility as an artist.  

        His unique and unforgettable landscapes of old buildings reflect his admiration of the beauty of the Ontario’s unique character  and it’s heritage. 

        Various subjects such as the distinctive architecture of the  City of Cambridge, historical landmarks and scenes of  Southern Ontario, are the inspiration for his work. Vibrant fresh colours, combined with intricate attention to detail make his paintings distinctive, attractive and popular. Greg is a resident of the City of Cambridge. He has exhibited in many corporate and private collections worldwide. 

        Greg graduated from Conestoga College as a Graphic Designer.  He has won numerous national and international awards  for his designs.  


          Jonathan Sau


          Jonathan Sau is a fine art photographer based in Waterloo, Ontario. His photography work started back in the film days. Today his photographic interest is diverse, with a focus on natural and urban landscape, astrophotography, and floral and close-up.

          Jonathan’s work has won awards at juried art shows and national photography competitions, and has been accepted for exhibition at international photography salons. He is a Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) certified judge and has judged in national and international competitions.

          Artist statement

          As a photographic artist, I enjoy creating images that capture the wonder of nature, stimulate the inquisitive mind, and showcase the world from new perspectives. Photography has brought me to beautiful Ontario Parks, dark sky locations, rural farm countries and cities, in pursuit of the next captivating image. Keen observations and planning,technical mastery, and exploration of new techniques are all part of my creative process.


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          Tina Jensen


          The daughter of Danish immigrants, I was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. The colours and radiant light of everyday scenes inform my paintings where I hope to capture and preserve on canvas, those shimmering instants in time that remind us we are always surrounded by magic.




            Man Choi Chow (Michael Chow)


            As a self-described “emerging” artist (recipient of a Record Readers’ Choice gold award in 2016; Jurors’ Bronze Award & Homer Watson Gallery Curator Award at KWSA members exhibition 2020), Man Choi draws creative energy from fellow photographers, gardeners, naturalists, intuition, and more formal learning experiences such as articles, books, and workshops.


            Inspired by others, but equally attentive to personal instinct, he has captured and transformed myriad images from the commonplace to the sublime – landscapes, nature, portraiture, still life, architecture, events. Many have commented on the Zen appeal and painterly textural qualities of his work. 


            Mike experiences his evolving art as a “progressive culmination” of his former full-time vocation as educator, pastor, psychotherapist and spiritual healer. He feels that discovering the infinite connections among art, photography, landscaping and spirituality is not only “re-creational” and healing, but also great fun.


            He is a member of UpTown Gallery, Waterloo; member of Art$Pay as well as KW Society of Artists. He has exhibited at a number of juried shows (Art$Pay and KWSA); the Art Store, Waterloo; Framing and Art Centre Kitchener; The Crawford Collective, Brantford; and Paula White Diamond Gallery, Waterloo.

            His exhibition, ‘Liminal’, was featured at Homer Watson Home & Gallery (Dec 2021).




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            Elaine Cowan

            Watercolour and acrylic

            Elaine’s career as an artist began with  her love of drawing and sketching anything and everything.  Her current interests include watercolour and painting with acrylics on yupo paper.

            Her florals and figurative images possess a classic fineness and sensitivity to life.

            Elaine is a member of the Central Ontario Art Association and the Waterloo Community Art Centre.

            I paint in watercolour because I love the flow and magic of the colours as they interplay with light and shadow on the paper.

            Although painting with acrylics on yupo paper is challenging,  I love the abstract and dramatic designs it produces.

            Painting is a wonderful  way to show who you are and to

            tell a story.




              Sophie Drouin


              Sophie Drouin is a second-generation mosaic artist, having begun learning from her father Bernard, an apprentice to Venetian painter Bruno Saetti. After her father’s death, she had the good fortune to continue learning from Luciana Notturni and Verdiano Marzi, both celebrated Italian mosaic artists and teachers. Her works have been exhibited in France, in Italy, in Canada, in Latvia and in many locales in the USA. In 2018, she was the first North American, and remains the only one to date to have a solo exhibition as the Invitational artist for the Society of American Mosaic Artists’ Mosaic Arts Invitational, an annual event. She has received multiple awards at national and international competitions and Biennale events in Canada, in the US and Europe, and teaches mosaic at home as well as abroad. She was artist in residence at Waterloo Region’s National Historic site and Museum Schneider Haus in 2019. She is the English Language editor and translator for Mosaïque magazine, the only magazine in print today on the subject of mosaic art. In 2019, a presentation she made at a conference in France, on the diversity and quality of mosaic art in Canada led to the biggest North American exhibition of mosaic art in Europe in history, with an exhibition featuring twelve Canadian artists in 2021. The majority of the pieces from this historical exhibition will also be exhibited next summer at Quebec City’s own museum, the Villa Bagatelle, from March to September.


                Jean Weller_DSF3892 copy.jpg

                Jean Weller


                Jean has had a lifelong interest in photography.  Although her full- time career was as a Professor in the Health Sciences at Conestoga College, she also worked as a freelance photographer for the University of Waterloo where she photographed a variety of events.  Her pictures appeared in a variety of the University publications.  

                In later years Jean was able to combine her love of photography with her love of travel.  She has travelled to Europe, Asia, Africa, India, New Zealand, South America, and both the Arctic and Antarctic.

                Jean has given many pictorial presentations on the countries she has visited, with an aim of broadening audience awareness to the rest of the world.

                Jean spent 6 summers in the Canadian Arctic, as guest photographer for Cruise North Expeditions.  She photographed the Inuit people and their communities as well as the arctic flora and fauna.  Her pictures have been published in many magazines, newspapers and travel brochures.

                Since retirement Jean has been able to pursue her love of nature and to photograph animals and birds. Jean has visited many of North Americas wildlife reservations and parks where she photographed the local flora and fauna. 

                Jean’s photographic passion is to capture the all-important moment.  When photographing animals and birds, Jean loves to catch the fleeting moment such as a mother robin presenting a worm to the gaping mouths of her chicks or the crashing antlers of 2 bucks engaged in a contest of strength. 

                When photographing landscapes Jean seeks to capture the constantly changing light.  To be in tune with nature and to capture its changing moods is her never ending joy.



                  Chesley House Fine Art

                  Fine Art Photography

                  Chesley House Fine Art Photography is a collaboration of work by Ron Hewson and Susan Arness. Together they create landscape, architectural, and abstract photographs. Their work features bold composition, strong use of colour, and prints on metal, wood, and paper.


                  Susan Arness earns her living as a busy real estate photographer. Her work takes her to the countryside of Waterloo Region where many of her landscapes are made. She has a keen sense of what makes our area so special and captures it beautifully in her photographs.


                  Ron Hewson has held many local exhibitions including shows at the KWAG, Langdon Gallery, Homer Watson Gallery and Kitchener City Hall. Ron has served as a founding member of Globe Studios, Photo Arts Collective, and as Artist in Residence for the City of Kitchener.  


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                  Ida Tong's headshot.jpg

                  Ida Tong



                  My journey of drawing funny pictures began when I was 8 years old. The curiosity of observing reality has never left me, in fact, it helps me to see life as it is. But, art helps me to go beyond all that.


                  My passion in this subject matter about human behaviour and evolution has taken me to a different direction in terms of art expression.    


                  I want to continue creating thought-provoking paintings that reflect our social and political environment. Most injustice and misunderstandings, I believe, stem from the root of ignorance. In my paintings, I consciously express the seriousness of these issues and deliberately magnify certain symbolic image(s) to encourage conversations amongst spectators including myself, so that different points of view can be heard. My current theme in artificial intelligence is a work in progress; I hope to produce a body of work that will arouse public attention and generate invigorating dialogues, internationally. Yet, I trust that art can also be beautiful, playful, and didactic, all at the same time.




                    Mary Lou Hiller


                    Mary Lou Hiller is a lifetime arts educator and painter in water colour and acrylic. She works out of her home studio in Waterloo, Ontario. Educated at the Universities of Waterloo, Western Ontario and the Ontario College of Art, she has additionally studied with many respected artists in Canada and the United States. Her work has been exhibited in solo, group and juried shows and has won many awards. She is a member of the Central Ontario Art Association, the Waterloo Community Arts Centre and holds an executive position at the UpTown Gallery in Waterloo.

                    Her style is naturalistic, expressionistic and constantly evolving. She has worked in collage, multi media and has designed pieces for children. She enjoys teaching and demonstrating for small groups such as the Waterloo Community Sketch Club which she ran for many years. Her love of colour, form and light and her skill in drawing are hallmarks of her work.



                      Gordy Ess

                      Abstract, mixed media artist.


                      I am fortunate to have lived a life surrounded by art and artists. My many years as a student of Art History (University of Toronto) and Studio Arts (Sheridan College), Arts Education (Queen’s University) was followed by a ten-year span teaching black and white photography and commercial art / design. Prior to that, I worked alongside artists as they engaged with school aged children in the inner city of Toronto.

                      In recent years, I have had the great experience of working in a gallery and have been exposed to an array of talent. I have taken classes in a variety of mediums and learned from a diverse group of artists. I now have the opportunity to spend time solely on my own artwork.

                      My work is characterized by the use of textural elements, such as skeleton leaves, molding paste and Japanese papers, along with the bold use of colour. Skeleton leaves offer a delicate and intriguing textural element. Bodhi, Magnolia and rubber tree skeleton leaves are created by separating the pulp of the leaf from the veins. Their delicate structures are incorporated into the composition of the painting.

                      For the past 7 years I have been exploring the use of Japanese papers, both handmade and machine made, as a textural element. Coupled with the use of fluid acrylic paint the result is bold, dynamic, colourful and highly textured.

                      My art cards and Lilliputians (5 by 7 pieces, ready for a frame) are also available here at the Uptown Gallery. They are expressive, colourful pieces. The cards will make your written sentiments that much more memorable.

                      My works are available in galleries and retails shops in the Waterloo, Niagara regions. 


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                      Adrienne Zoe


                      Adrienne Zoe is a Canadian fine art photographer and nature photographer with her home base in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. She has developed her own unique style of creative photography. Adrienne enjoys her time in nature and always brings her camera. She cares about the future of nature and wildlife and is committed to donating a percentage of nature sales proceeds to conservation charity organizations.

                      Her images have won awards at national and international juried photography exhibitions, and at local juried art shows. They have found new homes around the globe, and have been purchased as corporate art by Cambridge Memorial Hospital and Gowling WLG international law firm. Adrienne received the Platinum Award for Best Photographer in the 2021 Waterloo Region Record Readers’Choice Awards. Adrienne Zoe received three merit awards in the 2021 CAPA Nature Competition. Her award-winning images have been published in the 2022 Spring Edition of the Canadian Camera magazine. Merit awards were given to the three highest scoring images in various categories of the nature competition.

                      Since becoming an artist member in 2015, Adrienne exhibits year-round at Uptown Gallery Waterloo. Her fine art photographs can also be found at the Button Factory Arts gift shop and the London Museum gift shop, at local art shows, and on her Etsy shop. Adrienne is a proud member of Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists, the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts, Art$Pay, LAFwr (Local Art For Local Walls Regionally) and the Grand River Imaging and Photographic Society.

                      "Born an artist, my joy in photography is to explore it as an art-form, to not simply shoot beautiful photographs, but to create art.  As a creative photographer, my goal is to engage my audience with images that demand reflection and contemplation. It is my passion to capture the beauty of the world and nature in a way that is different and arresting, and my pleasure to share it.”





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                      Adaora Moneme


                      My name is Adaora Moneme. Born in Nigeria, 1970, I am an artist at heart and highly creative. I have been this way ever since I can remember. I love to knit, crotchet, sew, read and paint. I recall my first book was written, illustrated and bound by me at around age 6 or 7. This led me to study Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 1992 with a major in Textile design. I participated in several exhibitions while there.

                      I always catch myself doodling or sketching absent-mindedly when I am thinking or talking on the phone. I have numerous sketch books filled with these unexpected doodles pasted in them. I consider this my creative well and gravitate to them each time I start a new painting or painting a new bag. My paintings are executed in oil and for the bags I use Acrylic. I love nature. I like taking a walk and looking at nature. Listening to the insects and birds, watching the animals scurry about their business. I watch and observe the various colors, shades and tints of plants. My love of nature keeps me alert and aware of the paintings in nature and the wide array of colours, that God uses to beautify the earth for us. In my photography, I take pictures of landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. I keep exploring, learning and growing with each piece of work.

                      I speak through my hand painted bags and my paintings. I usually get a nudging/knowing when I am out in nature. I use vivid colors, hues and tints to express myself.  I tend to lose myself in my paintings/bags. I am extremely focused on my work and on the time I spend in my basement studio. My brand and logo have a lot to do with co-creating with the Holy Spirit and daring to be bold, imaginative and different. There is also a sprinkle of African motifs throughout my work which depict how we Africans express ourselves. When I create, I see myself as a caterpillar on a journey to becoming a butterfly. The cocoon stage is where I incubate ideas downloaded to me through the help of the Holy Spirit. I conceptualize and actualize the bags transforming them into the customized work they become. In my work, I dare to be different, I dare to stand out, I dare to make a statement, I dare to live, I dare to be…

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                      Eekta Trienekens


                      I've always considered myself more a painter. But, that was before I got properly introduced to ceramics. Since fall 2015 I have been spending most of my available time in the potters studio. I am so grateful to have this opportunity as a member of the wonderful community of the Waterloo Potters Workshop. I am learning and enjoying the many processes and techniques of working with clay each and every day.

                      Relatively new in ceramics (since 2016) I could not have been more in my element. Clay keeps me connected to the earth and her story. Our history is in it, parts of us all are in it. I consider it a magical or maybe even a sacred medium. Creating and exploring the endless possibilities of clay is now part of my daily adventures. 


                      In my work I explore themes like the subconscious, our relationship with nature, our every day experiences and emotions and cultural expectations. My background in painting and fibre arts help me make decisions on surface decoration and composition. Inspiration comes from everywhere, Grimm’s fairytales, stories I hear from friends and in the media, art history and most of all working and experimenting every day. My process is very intuitive and, like a storyteller, each piece I create comes with a little story of its own. I do not plan my work too much ahead and try to go with the material, open for surprises and challenges.

                      My main focus lately is the connection with (our) nature and cultural expectations.



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                      Cathy Pascoe


                      Cathy Pascoe is an international award-winning colour pencil artist  who teaches the art of color pencil drawing to students of all ages.


                      Cathy has her Bachelor of Arts degree in French and German from the University of Toronto, and her Bachelor of Education. She taught all grades of elementary school in three different school boards in Ontario, Canada, for 30 years. She is a fully qualified art teacher for learners of any age, from 4 years of age up. As a student at the University of Toronto, she apprenticed with Canadian master printmaker David Blackwood for four years to learn the process of etching using copper plates. 


                      She began working in coloured pencil after her retirement from teaching, and is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. Her art work has been exhibited at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto, Silicon W Gallery in Kitchener, Quest Art Gallery in Midland, the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo, and other local venues in Kitchener and Waterloo. Her work has been displayed on the illuminated bulletin boards in Times Square in New York City, in Birmingham and London, England, in the US at the CPSA International Exhibition as well as at the Bosque Art Classic. She is currently represented by the Waterloo UpTown Gallery in Waterloo Town Square, and by the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. 


                      Cathy's art work has been published by Artists' Network in Strokes of Genius 5, several Ann Kullberg books and in her Color Magazine, United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society's "Talking Point" magazine, Colored Pencil Magazine, Talent Next Door, and Colored Pencil Student Magazine. Her children's artwork portfolio won her placements as a drawing instructor for both children and adults at several art galleries in Southern Ontario, as well as international publication in an art magazine. 


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                      Jim Heldmann

                      Water colour

                      Artistic endeavours have always been a part of Jim's life.  He studied graphic design at the Ontario College of Art and for many years was a graphic designer in Waterloo. 


                      Jim’s interest in watercolour painting has led him to participate in a number of workshops as well as study with noted artists such such as Jack Reid, Gord Mackenzie, Ken MacFarlane, Doug Mays and Art Cunanan



                        Christine Gagnon


                        Christine Gagnon has a modern design aesthetic that is a balanced vision of clean geometric lines and raw organic elements. She works primarily by hand construction methods, using precious metals, individually selected gemstones, and the occasional carefully considered vintage or found object to create one of a kind and limited edition modern heirlooms.


                        I’m a designer and goldsmith creating jewellery for women to express their inherent beauty, style, and confidence. My jewellery may act as a "visual memory marker” to commemorate life events or places and things of importance, transforming the piece toa treasured object of personal significance


                          Christine's Photo.jpeg

                          Christine Murray


                          Originally from Denver Colorado, Christine moved to the Kitchener-Waterloo area in 1979.  She has had a longstanding involvement in a range of artistic endeavours including stained glass and elaborate embroidery.   In the past few years she has immersed herself in creating contemporary iterations of an ancient field of artistic endeavour involving felting, nuno felting and textiles.  With Japanese, European and Russian influences, her artistic inspiration comes from everyday life, her adventures travelling around the world and the natural environment. She utilizes a wide range of media including wool, silk, lace, beads, satin, embroidery and various types of fabric.  Christine produces a wide range of pieces including wall-art, vases, sculptures and items such as purses.  

                          Along with her affiliation with the Uptown Waterloo Gallery, Christine is also a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Felt Feutre Canada and KWSA.



                            Amy Stickney

                            Mixed Media

                            Amy is a mixed media artist from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She has been drawn to art and the process of it since she was a young child. Although a lot of her work is currently abstract, she works with many mediums and in different art genres. Her love of art led her to work as a freelance makeup artist, where she has had the great opportunity to push her skills and work on many projects, including tv and print.  She is a mother of two children that also love to draw and paint and is currently in school to become an art therapist.