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Ed Hummel has loved playing with wood since being young. His dad worked in the furniture industry and got him his first summer job at Krug Furniture. As a teacher of math and science and later also in technology he was allowed to help foster a love of the medium of wood in others. Part way through teaching Ed and his brother John decide to go into business carving waterfowl and whales. With a few employees they grew from selling at shows to wholesaling to gift stores mostly across Canada. One of their most successful sales was to a mainframe computer company. Amdahl sent a duck carving to top executives in a very successful direct marketing campaign. Back to teaching in the wood technology in the school board led him then eventually to retirement. Well almost. He started a woodturning business creating bowls and platters with carvings on the surface of birds, animals and flowers. 

Now he is offering one of a kind wood pieces assembled using the skills of turning, carving, wood bending and pyrography.     

  As a wood artist, like many designers, he finds the natural world a source of inspiration. As a very urbane involved member of Waterloo Region he also finds everyday articles and scenes intriguing.  Company’s manufactured products also have beautiful artistic lines and shapes. It is constantly a challenge to discover methods to construct the project using a lathe, bandsaw, sanders, saws, colourful dyes and many hand tools. Children know that sometimes being silly stimulates imagination. Another way of looking for projects is to combine two in-congruent elements, for example a blowfish playing a bugle. My subjects range from animals,  musical instruments, food, vehicles and imaginary objects.  


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