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Originally from Denver Colorado, Christine moved to the Kitchener-Waterloo area in 1979.  She has had a longstanding involvement in a range of artistic endeavours including stained glass and elaborate embroidery.   In the past few years she has immersed herself in creating contemporary iterations of an ancient field of artistic endeavour involving felting, nuno felting and textiles.  With Japanese, European and Russian influences, her artistic inspiration comes from everyday life, her adventures travelling around the world and the natural environment. She utilizes a wide range of media including wool, silk, lace, beads, satin, embroidery and various types of fabric.  Christine produces a wide range of pieces including wall-art, vases, sculptures and items such as purses.  

Along with her affiliation with the Uptown Waterloo Gallery, Christine is also a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Felt Feutre Canada and KWSA.

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