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Assem A. M. Hamdy





















Assem Hamdy is an architect living in Waterloo. Being an architect gestures why architecture is often present in his works. He argues about that by saying what he reveals through art is nothing but his hope for better environments he seeks after, or an appreciation for some scene mostly of nature. So he describes architecture in his art by being extrinsic not intrinsic, may be some ceiling giving a sense of warmth and shelter, or as a foil contrasting with nature. Assem strives to capture an instant of light that impressively floods his imaginary spaces; his photography-like or impressionist-like approach wanders through these spaces, then invites others to meander in. He believes that mathematical perspective and color pencils are simple tools necessary & sufficient to elevate spatial imagination, a God-given ability indispensable for almost all professions. Thus he tries to show how he uses these two tools in his art class, with the hope that many of the audience will be satisfied by a new sense of light achieved merely by pencils. This is mainly what this artist/architect delivers, a moment of light in some natural space.

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