featuring Sophie DrouinLouise MareeJean Weller

January 21 to March 14, 2011

This exhibition features the works by three artists from the Waterloo Region as they celebrate the exquisite beauty of winter in different media.

About the Artists

Sophie Drouin’s unique conceptual mosaics captivate with innovative forms, compositions and materials. Sophie recently won a Special Prize at Prix Picassiette 2010 in Chartres, France. It is one of the world's most prestigious mosaic exhibitions. She is known locally for co-designing the mosaic of King Tut made with over 3000 cups of coffee in Waterloo Public Square last August.

Louise Marée draws her inspiration from observing nature's design. She paints with oils in an impressionistic style, letting the work lead her into its own realm of light and shadow. She often finds her subjects in the woods of Grey County and the farm fields of the Region of Waterloo.

Jean Weller is a professional photographer and global traveler. Since 2005, Jean has been a photographer for Cruise North Expeditions on trips to Canada’s Arctic, Labrador, Newfoundland and Greenland. In 2010, she visited Antarctica. 


featuring Jane BayneDeborah Pryce and Julie Krahule

March 25 to May 16, 2011

This exhibition features the works by three artists from the Waterloo Region as they reflect on how art can create sanctuary, comment on sanctuary, and express the need for sanctuary in our lives.

About the Artists

Jane Bayne finds inspiration while walking through the paths of Shantz Park in Kitchener, near her home. Each season brings a new story to tell about the wetland area. Although Watercolour has been her media of choice for the past ten years, she is currently exploring Oils, Acrylics and Encaustic painting to express her love for these tranquil and protective areas.

Deborah Pryce’s reflections on the recent protests in North Africa and the Middle East have inspired her pieces for this show. Her current explorations in mixed media and an abstract approach allow her to express the wide variety of emotions felt when hearing the stories of people longing for sanctuary from the forces of oppression.

Julie Krahule creates unique botanical images by preserving and accentuating the breathtaking colours and textures of ephemeral leaves and flowers. She uses aspects of this medium, Leafscapes, in Horticultural Therapy, along with landscape and floral designs, thus melding her love of nature. 

Light at Play

featuring Mary Lou HillerMichelle SalterCathy Pascoe and Sanela Dizdar

July 20 to September 12, 2011

The exhibition features four artists from Waterloo Region as they play with the magical effects of light.

About the Artists

Sanela Dizdar is a constant self challenger in a game of reflecting light, water depth and movement in her acrylic creations. The simplicity of her pieces speaks an emotional language of calmness. She also holds classes in pencil drawing at UpTown Gallery.

Mary Lou Hiller has turned her vision to interiors for this exhibition, interpreting how the familiar, everyday scene is translated by the effects of light. Recognized for many years as a watercolour painter she is now exploring acrylic media in both her studio and outdoor work.

Cathy Pascoe has been fascinated by light and shadow for her entire life. Whether experimenting with graphite pencil for portraiture or exploring the amazing potential of artist‐quality coloured pencil, her constant focus has been to interpret the myriad patterns of light and shadow.

Michelle Salter grew up around water and her brightest and happiest memories are associated with it. Encaustic, a medium made from beeswax, lends itself wonderfully to capturing the light and movement of water. Her latest body of work, Waterways, reflects the powerful influence water has had in her life.

Evolution of a Series

featuring Diane EasthamChristine GagnonGlenn Ward and Nancy Yule

May 19 to July 18, 2011

Though quite diverse in the type of work produced, each of these artists from Waterloo Region explores ideas in dimensional space. A visual element is repeated in various configurations. A curved line becomes the support for a series of stools. Custom crafted in different woods (maple, walnut, cherry), the aesthetic changes. Formed in precious metal, an abstract tree branch is the primary element for a jewellery series based upon the natural environment. Printed one way, the curve in a line of string suggests growth; in another, flight. The raven is believed to be a trickster, a transformer. Single thread images appear to be of a stationary bird but then, he fools the human eye and takes flight.

Blaze of Colour

featuring Elaine CowanDiane Eastham and Louise Maree

September 16 to November 12, 2011

The exhibition features artwork by three Waterloo Region artists as they celebrate the vibrancy of colour in different media utilizing both realism and abstraction. 

About the Artists

Elaine Cowan has a great love of colour that is apparent in her acrylic paintings on yupo paper and her watercolours.

Diane Eastham explores metaphoric and metaphysical landscape structures utilizing texture and strong colour. She makes multimedia works using acrylics on canvas with found objects.

Louise Marée paints in oil with a knife and brushes. She takes her inspiration from nature, creating impressions in many layers and colours. 

Sparkle and Shine

featuring Supria KarmakarLaurie SpiekerDeborah Pryce and Ted Spieker

November 18  to January 14, 2011

Sparkle and Shine features artwork by four Waterloo Region and area artists as they celebrate the glow of light against the darkening of winter.

About the Artists

Supria Karmakar uses encaustics, mixed media, and altered books to explore her musings about life’s journey. In her artwork, stories unfold with depth, intrigue, and vibrancy.

Deborah Pryce creates in a mix of media and styles to explore the qualities of light as it dances across the mantel in the soft glow of a candle.

Laurie Spieker interprets the molten interior of art glass; she utilizes its swirly grains, vibrant colours and tactile textures to expose the details and beauty in each sheet.

Ted Spieker explores his love of nature and technology in his fused glass bowls, platters and glass sculptures