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My name is Adaora Moneme. Born in Nigeria, 1970, I am an artist at heart and highly creative. I have been this way ever since I can remember. I love to knit, crotchet, sew, read and paint. I recall my first book was written, illustrated and bound by me at around age 6 or 7. This led me to study Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 1992 with a major in Textile design. I participated in several exhibitions while there.

I always catch myself doodling or sketching absent-mindedly when I am thinking or talking on the phone. I have numerous sketch books filled with these unexpected doodles pasted in them. I consider this my creative well and gravitate to them each time I start a new painting or painting a new bag. My paintings are executed in oil and for the bags I use Acrylic. I love nature. I like taking a walk and looking at nature. Listening to the insects and birds, watching the animals scurry about their business. I watch and observe the various colors, shades and tints of plants. My love of nature keeps me alert and aware of the paintings in nature and the wide array of colours, that God uses to beautify the earth for us. In my photography, I take pictures of landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. I keep exploring, learning and growing with each piece of work.

I speak through my hand painted bags and my paintings. I usually get a nudging/knowing when I am out in nature. I use vivid colors, hues and tints to express myself.  I tend to lose myself in my paintings/bags. I am extremely focused on my work and on the time I spend in my basement studio. My brand and logo have a lot to do with co-creating with the Holy Spirit and daring to be bold, imaginative and different. There is also a sprinkle of African motifs throughout my work which depict how we Africans express ourselves. When I create, I see myself as a caterpillar on a journey to becoming a butterfly. The cocoon stage is where I incubate ideas downloaded to me through the help of the Holy Spirit. I conceptualize and actualize the bags transforming them into the customized work they become. In my work, I dare to be different, I dare to stand out, I dare to make a statement, I dare to live, I dare to be…

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