A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

Shows at UpTown Gallery

Past Shows from 2017

Mary Guillaume

80 Years; 80% to Heart & Stroke


solo show featuring Mary Guillaume

Opens Saturday, September 9th, 2017

This September, Mary Guillaume, a long-time member of UpTown Gallery is having her last solo show at the Gallery: '80 years and 80% to Heart and Stroke Foundation'.

Sanela Dizdar
Invincible Little Mermaid



featuring Sanela Dizdar, Mary Guillaume, and Mary Lou Hiller

Exhibition runs from Tuesday, September 18th to Sunday, November 12th.

Sanela, Mary and Mary Lou will be hosting an opening reception on Saturday, September 23rd from 2 to 4 pm.

Attitude, the defining response to life, is the soul of creativity. Itʼs that expression of feeling and appreciation of feeling that animates art. It can be humorous, satiric, joyful, critical, sentimental, shocking and, above all, thought-provoking. Attitude is the message.



Colour Spectrum


featuring Jane BayneCathy Pascoe, and Adrienne Zoe.

Exhibition runs from Tuesday, July 18th to Sunday, September 17th.

In today's world, it would seem that we need colour more than ever. Colour is like spice...it can induce a euphoric state where for a moment the viewer can be transported into a world of pure enjoyment, freedom and awe.


naturalbeautypastChristine Gagnon
& Sophie Drouin

Natural Beauty

featuring ManChoi ChowChristine Gagnon & Sophie DrouinLouise Marée, and Michelle Salter.

The exhibition ran from May to July, 2017.

The beauty of nature is used as inspiration showcasing the different disciplines of our featured artists.  ManChoi Chow works in photography to bring to us gorgeous and ethereal moments in our surroundings.  The new Organics micro-mosaic jewellery collection by Christine Gagnon and Sophie Drouin combines the beauty of finely crafted sterling silver with colourful hand-formed glass elements.  Louise Marée's oil paintings are energetic and vibrant recollections of her experiences.  Michelle Salter continues to be fascinated by the lusciousness and depth of water interpreted through the medium of encaustics.  Each artist approaches our concept in a uniquely individual way.  Come be surprised! 


reart2017Windekind Buteau-Duitschaever


featuring Windekind Buteau-DuitschaeverValerie O'FlynnLaurie Spieker and Nancy Yule.

Ran from March to May, 2017.

UpTown Gallery presents ReArt. In this new show Windekind Buteau-Duitschaever, Valerie O’Flynn, Laurie Spieker and Nancy Yule regard, reinterpret, recreate, reuse and recycle old and new connections, ideas and configurations in their bodies of art. Found objects, unexpected use of materials, multiple iterations of ideas, and much thought outside of the “box” are the hallmarks of this new show. Visit our show, refresh your spirit and rethink your perception of art.


spontaneitypastSHARL G. SMITH


featuring Candice LeylandSharl G. Smith, and Jean Weller.

Exhibition ran from January to March, 2017.

Like great improvisational jazz musicians, allowing art to be spontaneous requires a careful study, reflection and respect of the medium. Watercolour and wildlife photography as media lend themselves well to the theme of spontaneity. Artists in these media must give up a certain amount of control and let things flow naturally. They must allow for and embrace the unplanned or unprompted. In doing so, spontaneity in artwork creates pieces that are loose, fresh and exciting, inviting viewers to share a moment in time, a flash of an idea or an emotion or experience.