A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Spring’s Awakening

featuring Candice Leyland, Vickie Lawrence, Julie Krahule, Jennifer Akkermans


Spring’s Awakening is an exhibition from Uptown Gallery artists Julie Krahule, Candice Leyland, Vickie Lawrence and Jennifer Akkermans.  

As spring thaws, so do our hearts.  From the first blooming flowers to the wakening wildlife, nature and humankind open our eyes and re-emerge into the warmth around us, discovering a new cycle of life and energy. 

Uptown Gallery invites you to view our new exhibition, Spring’s Awakening, which runs from May 15thto July 8th, 2018. There will be an opening reception on May 20th, from 2-4 PM.  We hope you will join us!


Candice Leyland’s work is inspired and renewed by seasonal transformations. On a deeper level, her ethereal flowers paintings represent transformations of mind and spirit. 

Vickie Lawrence works in coloured pencil, acrylic, watercolour, graphite and mixed medium.  One of her favourite subjects has always been horses.

Julie's art is inspired by the twin influences of horticulture and the poetry of her Uncle Maironis. Along with being a botanical artist as a member of Uptown Gallery, she is a landscape designer, a Horticultural Therapist, and a board member of the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association www.chta.ca.

Jennifer Akkermans’ kinetic sculptures and light boxes allude to the changing of seasons and daily cycle of time, and the preparation of going out to enjoy the spring weather.