A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists


Julie Krahule

I work with natural plant material that inspires me to experiment and develop the different techniques used in my award-winning botanical art.  I enjoy preserving and accentuating the breathtaking colours and textures of ephemeral leaves and flowers, creating unique images.  Another source of inspiration for my work is the enchanting poetry of my uncle, Maironis; I paint abstract acrylic pieces interpreting his words.  My creativity is further stimulated through landscape design and fashioning floral arrangements.

Julie Krahule embraces the wonders of nature through her art, transcending by actively promoting the use of horticulture as a powerful therapeutic tool.  Her goal of becoming an accredited Horticultural Therapist has unexpectedly unearthed another talent, namely writing articles about her experiences for publication in magazine articles and in the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association’s newsletter, as a member of the board of directors. The botanical image created by residents at The Village of Winston Park, Kitchener, Ontario, with Julie Krahule’s direction, is featured in CHTA’s Fall 2013 newsletter. Julie recently organized the CHTA Conference and AGM. David Hobson, Garden Columnist for a number of publications including the Waterloo Region Record and the Guelph Mercury, published an article in the Record about the conference that can be viewed here.  Julie published an article in the CHTA's 2014 newsletter that can be found by clicking here.