A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

A Dynamic Collective of Local Artists

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Haida Gwaii Slideshow

Jean Weller will be presenting a slideshow of images from her recent trip to Haida Gwaii.

Adrienne Zoe, CAPA Award

Adrienne Zoe received honorary mention in a CAPA competition.

KW Central Art Walk

KW Central Art Walk takes place the 3rd weekend in October.

Vickie Lawrence, Ambassador of the Week

Vickie Lawrence was named Ambassador of the Week by Realism Today.

Viewfindings 2019

Viewfindings is sponsored by the Kitchener-Waterloo Society of Artists (KWSA).

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Passion is a new exhibition at UpTown Gallery featuring recent works by Mary Guillaume, Vickie Lawrence, Christine Murray, and Ida Tong

The show runs from September 17 to November 10. Join us at the opening reception on Sunday, September 22 from 2 – 4 pm to enjoy the artwork and meet the artists. Refreshments will be served. 


Mary Guillaume: When Mary was a child, drawing was just a fun thing to do, so she kept doing it, and learned each time how to do it better. As she grew older, drawing turned to painting and she learned about pigments, colour temperature and complements, textures and contrast - and her 'fun thing to do' slowly became a passion. To do it better, to do it with excitement, to surprise herself and to complete the circle of start, play, improve, interject and round it up. And so her passion became the most important thing in her life. It still is, and brings the rewarding knowledge that each and every time a challenge has been met, a task completed, and the delightful sense of knowing she has created something beautiful and unique. 

Vickie Lawrence: Vickie comes from a long line of artists and as a result she grew up surrounded by art, art materials and books on art. Her passion has always been horses and art equally. Vickie works in a wide variety of mediums... graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour, acrylic and mixed medium. Vickie's subjects aren't just horses either... floral, still life, landscape, etc... She has had her work published in magazines and books on art. Vickie's work has won numerous awards nationally and internationally. She is teaching workshops and classes using coloured pencil and mixed media all over North America... and at UpTown Gallery Waterloo. 

Christine Murray: Christine is passionate in her work to create contemporary iterations of an ancient field of artistic endeavour involving felting, nuno felting and textiles. With Japanese, European and Russian influences, her artistic inspiration comes from everyday life, her adventures travelling around the world and the natural environment. She utilizes a wide range of media including wool, silk, lace, beads, satin, embroidery and various types of fabric. Christine produces a wide range of pieces including wall-art, vases, sculptures and items such as table-runners and purses. 

Ida Tong: Ida has been passionate about learning our human history and the future of humanity. For the last few years, she has been studying human evolution and artificial intelligence. This all- encompassing learning has inspired Ida and unleashes her to create a body of work that are mostly done with a technique concocting with oil and acrylic. Each painting, Ida tells a story as she has imagined our past, present, and future, or the cross-section of these phases. Furthermore, Ida believes that her art can be beautiful, playful, and didactic, all at the same time. 



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Uptown Gallery is a co-operative of over 25 local artists. We are located in UpTown Waterloo.


All artwork exhibited in UpTown Gallery is by artists local to the Waterloo area. We offer a diverse range of art, including ceramics, glass, paintings, photography, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture.

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